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- Graycie Harmon

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Back Kicked In

This is going to sound odd, because, well, it is odd.

The most exciting piece of news I have today is that last night, during Kick-Boxing training, my back was kicked back into place.

I told you it would sound odd.

I've had issues with my back since I can remember. My lower back specifically. It's always been out of place and sore. To the point, sometimes, that it gives me killer headaches. It's not fun.

Last night, we were practising lead-leg side kicks. I was holding the bag as I always do, being kicked as I always am. Then suddenly, as one kick landed, ccrraaaack. It wasn't very loud. I'm pretty sure I'm the only who heard it. I sure felt it though. The entire lower portion of my back, from my hips right down, shifted one vertebrae at a time in rapid succession.

I paused, half-expecting my legs to cease functioning.

Nope. There was an odd sort of anti-ache left in my lower back. Does anyone else understand what I mean? You know, when aching is so commonplace that you don't notice it. Then when it stops suddenly, you notice its absence?

I trained the remainder of the three hours, then went home. By the time I lay down in bed, my back was sore again. Where the vertebrae shifted was a little swollen, so I put on some ice and went to sleep.

Best. Sleep. Ever.

I woke up this morning and my back feels great. There is no ache. No headache either. I have full range of motion. Nice.

And that's my exciting, and odd news.

As far as writing goes, well, I'm still editing. There will be a giant dance party when the editing is over! On that note, I'd better hop to. Have a great Tuesday all!

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