Being an author is like being in charge of your own personal insane asylum.

- Graycie Harmon

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Good Weekend

Good morning all and a happy Monday!

My good cheer may just annoy a lot of people. I understand that it is a little difficult to take first thing on a Monday morning. Tough biccies (n.(bik-keys) Australian slang for biscuits). I had a lovely weekend in which I did as little as possible. I caught up on a great deal of sleep, and did so with the kittens curled on me in various positions. I felt so loved this weekend. It was awesome.

Saturday night, I went out with my father. We watched Legend of the Guardians. It's a great flick based on a popular children's series. I was surprised to see something with so much Australian content (almost all the voice actors had Australian accents). There was even an echidna. I got a little homesick, actually.

As my flatmate is away with the computer (fair go, it's her computer after all), I didn't have the opportunity to check emails, etc. There are a lot! All of that to say, my apologies for the late blog post. I have a good reason (other than the computer being stupidly slow, as it always is first thing on a Monday).

Catching up on everything I've missed, I read a great post by fellow aspirant, Anna L. Walls. It has some great tips on what makes good writing - things I'm still struggling with. Read it here.

Right, I have editing to get on with. Have a great Monday everyone!

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