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- Graycie Harmon

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Book Trailer!

SQUEE! The book trailer for The Dying God & Other Stories was uploaded yesterday. I've gotten some pretty good feedback for it. For those of you who are curious, here it is:

You can also find it on youtube and my facebook fan page.

I'm quite impressed with J.M-B. for all the hard work and stuff (technical term) she did for this trailer. I'm just concerned now that the trailer makes my book look better than it actually is... and you'll all be sorely disappointed when you start reading it. I'm having anxiety over the quality of my work. I'm so nervous about it. Eep!

We'll see when the reviews come in. One of my Beta Readers, who is very forthright and honest, said he quite liked it - some stories more than others (which is to be expected of course). A friend of mine thought it was brilliant.

Is it wrong that I don't trust them? I mean, they know me. Of course they're going to be nice. Other people might not be so forgiving. I don't know. We'll see. We'll see.


In any case, the book trailer is awesome. I'm so impressed with J.M-B. and so incredibly grateful to Nox Arcana, who let me use their music. Which reminds me, that enchanting, slightly creepy piece of music is called Labyrinth of Dreams and it's by Nox Arcana. In case you were unsure, Nox Arcana is the musical brains behind that song. Nox Arcana. Got it?

You can find that particular tune on their Grimm Tales CD. Buy it. I will be. Perhaps I'll offer a copy up as a prize? Not sure yet, but it sounds like an idea.... although, people seem not to want the book much. My competitions have been largely ignored. I'm making a sad face, just so you know.

We (J.M-B. and I) originally had an actress (alright, it was J.M-B.'s younger sister) lined up to play the part of, uh, lantern carrier. She, however, bailed and so I was the only one available to do it. I might regret that later, but for now it's alright. It was actually kinda fun filming in the middle of the night with candles and stuff everywhere. Trampling through the forest with a candle-lit lantern for light was not bad.

I couldn't see a damned thing when it was just a tea-light we had in there. But once we put in a proper candle, however, I stopped tripping over things... mostly. I almost caught a branch in my eye, though. I swore profusely. Unfortunately the camera was not recording at the time, so we couldn't include it.... Ah, well. Maybe next time!

Alright, I have work to do, so I'll leave you alone now. Have a great Thursday everyone!


Ronnie Dauber said...

I love the trailer! This is excellent and I wish you all the best for success!
...ronnie dauber

S.M. Carrière said...

Thanks so much, Ronnie! I'm actually past nervous and am now at terrified. Also, I'm excited.