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- Graycie Harmon

Monday, August 9, 2010

Weird Weekend

This weekend was really, really weird. Oh, sorry. I should have started with:

Good morning all! How are you?

Now, back to the point, the weekend was odd. For the first time sine I last ate KFC (it was still called Kentucky Fried Chicken, that's how long ago), I got food poisoning. This occurred Saturday shortly after lunch, when I ate some bad rice. It didn't look bad. It didn't smell bad. It didn't even taste bad. But four hours of emptying my stomach while kneeling at the toilet told me it was bad. Very bad.

Shortly after the last bought of stomach-emptying, my mother called. It's always nice to hear from her. Only Skype kept dropping the call. We'd try and talk in 5 - 10 minute bursts before Skype gave out again. I was not impressed. I'll try and call her tonight.

Sunday was less weird. My flatmate slept in until I little past midday, then cooked the most wonderful lunch ever. I don't care what anyone says, bacon and eggs are good any time of the day! Then it began to pour down rain.

Anyone who knows me at all, and pretty much everyone I've met only one, knows that I love rain storms. I love them like.... like... like a cow loves grass. I just heard from one of the lawyers here that we got 20cms of rain (so just under an inch) in a very short amount of time. It wonderful to sit by the window with a book to read and watch the rain come pelting down. Ahhh... rain.

Last night, or rather, early this morning, I had the most intriguing dream in which I starred as a rogue citizen, fighting "big brother" in a bid to save the lowest class (there was a genocide happening!). That can be interpreted in many different ways, I suppose, but the dream was thoroughly exciting. I shot down a recon drone!

There was also a helpful fellow who looked suspiciously like Nintendo's Kirby.....

I have discovered, however, that exciting dreams means I stay in them too long, and end up late for work. Not too late, mind, just a couple of minutes.

In any case, today is going to be a very productive day. I slacked off Thursday and Friday of last week, but I am determined to make it up. Hopefully, the first round of self-editing will be completed this week sometime, and I can hand off to any willing Beta Reader I can find.

Since the computer is disgustingly slow today (and this is why the post is late this morning - sorry), I am a bit behind schedule. But no matter! I'll make it up before lunch! Have a great Monday everyone. I know it's Monday, but do try. Until tomorrow, then.

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