Being an author is like being in charge of your own personal insane asylum.

- Graycie Harmon

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday and Nothing to Say

The title rhymed. Did you notice? Of course you did.

Well, I was supposed to start on The Lord of Horses yesterday, which was a delay from starting the day before. Instead I struggled, all day, with writing a synopsis for The Third Prince.

I dislike editing.

I despise synopsis writing more.

Practice, however, makes perfect, so I'll keep at it until I write a synopsis I like... if that ever happens, I'm buying champagne!

Today, however, I'm giving myself a break. No writing stuff. I don't know what it is about Fridays that cause an allergic reaction to writing in me. Perhaps it's just that I get so burnt out by the time Friday rolls around that I just need some mindless time.

In that spirit, I think I'll watch my favourite anime today. Or not. This synopsis thing is really bugging me.

Oh! Before I forget, I had a really strange dream. REALLY strange, and I think everyone needs to know what this dream was about.

It involved a Facebook friend of mine who hacked my computer just to install pictures of herself as my desktop image and screen saver. What the?

Then I was flying in a plane, and I noticed I was being followed by two aircraft. One looked like a satellite, but with a bulbous black centre, and the other looked like "Serenity" from the T.V. series Firefly, but red. The satellite thingy was being remote-controlled and was shot down by the red thingy. I figured the red thingy was what hacked my computer, so I shot it down. What the?

Next thing I know, I'm in the Commonwealth Games. Apparently I made the Australian diving team. What the?

I'm sitting by the pool and I suddenly realise how incredibly stupid this is. I mean, I can't do a somersault mid-air to save my life. Worse still, I'm terrified of heights. How the hell did I make the Australian diving team?

I ask someone, who looked like an assistant coach, and I was told that the dive the got me in was one I preformed in High School - simple, yet perfectly executed.
"Do that," she said. "You'll do just fine."

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the person who hacked my computer accuses me of shooting down the black satellite thingy, and in the process, killing, in a very painful fashion, a kitten. What the?

I won't go into the terrible description here of what happened to that poor kitten, but I appear on the scene and rebuff the accusations, then make accusations of my own (the nature of which I've already forgotten, but judging from the reaction of the dream people present, it was pretty grave), all the while in my Australian team swimsuit. What the?

And then a very loud roar jerked me violently from sleep. The roar was a ride-on mower that started just outside my window. Poor Galahad almost had a heart attack, and he jumped off the bed and hid beneath it. Worried that the horrific noise will wake my flatmate, who got in late and needs to sleep, I went through the house and shut all the windows.

And thus ends the tale of my very odd dream. I swear, with dreams like mine, who needs drugs? Well, have a great weekend everyone!

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