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- Graycie Harmon

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Bunch of Stuff

Stuff is, of course, the technical term.

Ugh... stomach growling. Hang on a tick, I'll get breakfast and be right back.


Aaaaand, I'm back. Mmm.... Vegemite on toast and Milo in my coffee. I could almost be home.

1. Author Q&A. For those of you who have downloaded (or perchance bought) Unlocked and loved the stories, you have a chance to speak with the authors directly on You can ask questions of me, or of any other author you fancy from the anthology.

Click HERE to start asking. Don't worry, everybody involved is quite generous.

2. The scanned images of my illustrations have been completed and were sent to me last night thanks to my father. I love you, Papa! I will be putting them in today. YAY!

Provided that my last two Beta Readers don't come back with something different from my other Beta Readers this Friday (hint, hint, fellas), then I'll be all ready to publish. You're all going to have to wait until Hallowe'en though. I won't be publishing it before then.

3. The Osprey and the Crow is all ready for my Beta Readers to take a look at. Two people already have it to review. The rest won't be asked until Friday. They've already given me so much of their time with The Dying God & Other Stories, and I don't want to be too much of a pest. I won't be expecting any comments back until the last day of September.

4. I've finished breaking The Third Prince up into chapters. There are 44 in all (including the Prologue and Epilogue). New stuff was written in to make more sense of certain events, and other stuff was mixed around and shuffled about. I have a stronger narrative now, I think. We'll see if the publishers like it.

5. Today I will be working on Book 2 of The Great Man series, Lord of Horses. The same deal will apply here as it did with Book 1. Hopefully it'll only take me two days as well. We'll see.

6. I still despise editing.

7. I am stupidly busy, so I'll leave you all alone and get to work. Have a wonderful Wednesday all!

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