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- Graycie Harmon

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting Pretty Excited

Good morning readers!

Yesterday, I was supposed to start tackling Book 2 of The Great Man series. Lord of Horses, however, just had to wait. The scanned images of my illustrations arrived in my inbox yesterday morning, and so I spent a great deal of time inserting them into The Dying God & Other Stories. I have to say, I am pleased with the result, although, I noticed (far too late) an anatomical anomaly in my dragon. Oh well, there's nothing for it now.

Tomorrow is the deadline for my Beta Readers. After that, I put the last touches on the book and then it's ready for publication... a full two months before it's to be released. I'm so very excited to be bringing this out.

You, of course, shall just have to wiggle in anticipation until Hallowe'en when it'll be released into the world.

I am also looking at P.O.D. options for the book, but I've decided to wait a year before doing anything about it. If I do decide to bring out a paperback version, it won't be until Hallowe'en of next year.

I have so many ideas running through my mind right now, it's getting very hard to focus. I think I'll leave writing alone for the rest of the week and explore these ideas. I'll start on Lord of Horses on Monday.

Alrighty, then. Off I go to dream and explore. Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!

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