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- Graycie Harmon

Monday, May 31, 2010

Too Much Water in My Porridge Again

I love porridge. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Well, it's been an interesting weekend. The first week of dog-sitting is now over. I have to say, I love that pooch, but I really, really, really miss the kitties. I miss having them cuddle up on my bed. I miss Sephy saying good night with a long 'walk on stomach, knead and purr and lick to death' session in the evenings. It's odd how much I miss my kitties.... le sigh.

I told you about my story being selected for an anthology to be published as a free eBook, yes? Well, of course the editors of the anthology sent it to me last week with a few edits. The problem was, they sent it in .docx format. I can't open a .docx file. I do not have the technology. SO, I thought that opening the attachment as an html would be the same.

Yeah.... no. It wasn't. It didn't show all of the comments.... at all. So, editing off that was like trying to transcribe a bible with every second word missing.

I will admit, I was surprised with how few edits there were.... but I just shrugged and made the suggested changes... only to receive an email from the editors about how few edits I had actually done. It was a very lengthy email that described in some detail why edits were necessary and for me to try and not feel upset by the proposed changes. Riiiiiight.

I was a little taken aback at first. Say what? But, I made all the changes you indicated.... oooooooh! I did get them all. So I explained what a great fool I was and asked the editors to send the document back in plain ol' .doc format, and they did. Excellent. Now I can go through and make the changes necessary!

Guess what I'll be doing the rest of today?

Yesterday was fun. Ahem.

I was to meet my father at 3:25pm to go see Robin Hood. So I rocked up at the cinema at 3:00pm and waited. And waited, and waited, and waited, and waited... I ran to a nearby cinema in case he thought we were to meet there.... but he wasn't there. I ran back. Still not there. So, at last, I decided to call him.

Well, turns out that he thought the email I sent him Friday afternoon I had sent after he called that very afternoon to reschedule. Thus, he thought we were to meet at 6:00pm for the 6:40pm showing. Le sigh! It all worked out though. We ended up going to the 6:40pm showing. Robin Hood was actually pretty entertaining. Though, I wouldn't have put Russell Crowe in as Robin. I might have watched too much BBC, though....

All in all, a pretty good flick, though the ending was tres corny!. Right, I have to get editing, so, everyone have a great day!

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