Being an author is like being in charge of your own personal insane asylum.

- Graycie Harmon

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


.... they're gone. They're all gone. All the short story ideas I had in my head. They're gone. Three days of solid editing killed them and left me bereft with a project that needs finishing....

What the hell do I do now?

Writer's block is less frustrating than panic-inducing for me, it seems. I don't seem to get it once I have the idea and have started writing. It all seems to flow stream-of-consciousness style when I finally make a start. Getting the idea, however, that's the tough part. For me at least.

I remember panicking after having completed my first series (The Great Man). I was struck dumb with a sudden fear that I would never have another story. That The Great Man was the only story I'd ever write, and I'd be left without my favourite thing in the world. Of course that was not the case.

It took about three months, but after a rest and some time away from Julian's story to dream, I stumbled into Seraphimé's world and two books later I had completed another series.

So, I'm certain there are story ideas in there somewhere. But I'm on a deadline, and I can't afford to wait three months.

So what the hell do I do now?

Well, I have a strategy. Listen to music. I've said it before, but for those who are new to this blog, music takes me places. In the sweeping melodies, counter-melodies and harmonies of a well-written piece, I can see entire landscapes from the tallest peaks to the deepest caverns. I witness births, deaths, battles... the rise and fall of dynasties. I watch the creation of a universe in my minds eye directly influenced by music.

So, today, I give myself permission to not write. Today, I'm going to listen to music, and I will dream.

Tomorrow, I will have at least two short story ideas written down.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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