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Friday, May 14, 2010

An Interesting Night

It felt so good to be back at training. I had missed two days this week as I was quite ill (severe fatigue and a fever). I'm blaming the weather. Up and down, and up and down, and up and way, way, way down. Ugh! I wish it would make up its mind! In any case, I was back at it last night, and it felt good.

I arrived in a pretty foul mood. Yesterday I broke my all-time high record for number of rejections in a day. There were 4. FOUR! It still smarts! I put on my boxers wraps, couldn't be bothered with the gloves, and went to the last heavy bag the facility had hanging and pounded the crap out of it. Sure I scraped three knuckles until they were bleeding and managed to twist an ankle (not severely, just a short-lived twinge, really) in the process, but it felt gooooooood!

The first class of the night was Kung Fu. During warm-ups I managed to tear the muscles on my inner thigh, just a little. Not so I couldn't do anything, just so that it aches a little. And during the class, I accidentally punched my training partner, switched out to another training partner (who scares me just a little bit) and was punching the mouth (Karmic payback. I'm OK with that). He, during the kick-boxing class that followed was, in turn, punch in the forehead by our instructor. It evened out rather nicely.

My bruised lip, torn muscles, and scraped up knuckles were all nothing compared to what happened to my Kung Fu brother A.P. Poor A.P. During the warm-ups for Kung Fu, A.P.'s left patella (knee cap) dislocated and swung around to the side of his leg. It was revolting to look at... yet oddly fascinating.

They had to call an ambulance for him, and they doped him up on painkillers before lifting him onto the bed. I overheard one of the ambulance drivers giving him a couple of choices and none of them seemed appetising. Poor A.P.

So, here's to A.P. May he recover soon!

Have a great weekend everyone.

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