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Monday, March 8, 2010

What a Weekend

I've had a great weekend. Very busy though, so I'm a little tired at work today, and this post is a little late because I was busy catching up on all the blogs I'm following. So, even though you aren't reading this Mr. Gaiman, I'm curious. Did you bop 'till you dropped after the Oscars?

Right, let's get on with it.

Friday night was lovely. I went after work to my friend T.H.'s house for a home-made pizza dinner and Wii games night, which was concluded in spectacular style with a viewing of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland in 3D at the Imax, Silver City in Ottawa (the suburb was Gloucester, I think. Correct me if I'm wrong). I went with my flatmate, T.H. and her boyfriend J.K.

The movie itself was quite good. I won't say fantastic, but it was good, extremely enjoyable and I'd recommend you go see it. What made the movie really interesting, however, was some guy who flipped out near the beginning of the movie. Suddenly in the middle of dialogue on the screen, a deep voice started booming, "Look to the right! Look to the Right? You have to help me! Look to the right!" The staff immediately flooded the theatre and managed to get the screaming madman from the top of the stairs to the bottom. Upon arrival, he broke free and started up our side of the stairs swearing at the people who were telling him to shut up and get out, and yelling, "Look to the right!"

At long last, the staff managed to get him out of the theatre and all settled down. We could enjoy the movie once more. My theory is that poor man was on some sort of psychotropic drug and had a very bad trip. Let's face it, Alice in Wonderland in 3D (and Tim Burton's Alice nonetheless) would be the wrong choice of movie to watch on drugs. I'd probably flip out too.

I did not ask for a refund. It wasn't the cinema's fault that some idiot chucked a spaz during the movie, and I enjoyed the film all the same. My flatmate later confided in me that she was so distracted by the bizarre events that she missed a very important plot point. No wonder!

Saturday was much less eventful. I went to Lion Dance training and, for once, arrived on time! It was hard work after a painful Thursday at Kung Fu (excellent training, but painful!). After that, I dined with my fellow dancers and went to go teach Kung Fu at the McNab Community Centre. The day was so incredibly beautiful, that I walked home. It was a long walk, and much of it was in the sun, so I got a little burnt. That evening was a lovely night in with my flatmate, watching Les Choristes. It was a beautiful film, and the music was stunning!

Sunday I finally got to sleep in! When I woke, I had found that Jazz had cleaned the living room. I was grateful, and a little guilty for not being up to help. Apparently Galahad had woken her up with purrs and cuddles at around 6:00am, so she decided to get up and clean in preparation for the evening's Oscar Party we were throwing.

I had injured my foot somehow earlier in the week, so she insisted I get it checked, as it was still hurting. I waited for ages at the clinic. When the doctor finally saw me, it was well and truly passed lunch time. I was starving. In any case, he poked and prodded and squeezed my foot and then told me that it might be a stress fracture, and he requisitioned an X-Ray for me. He did say that I could get it done if my foot does not improve in about three days.

It hurt like hell on the walk home from the clinic, so much so I almost teared up. However, this morning, it feels fine, so I don't believe that it's in fact broken. I managed to walk into work without a problem. So I will be going to training this afternoon, though I won't start running again until the foot is healed properly.

The Oscar party itself was good fun. S.D. and K.C. came, as did Jazz' father and younger sister, a family friend, and later in the evening, her mother. My friend T.H. forgot all about it, but that's entirely forgiveable! Everyone was exhausted, so it was an early night for most. With everyone gone at around 11:00pm, Jazz and I had no other recourse but to have the champagne she bought all to ourselves. It was great champagne!

As for the Oscars, I'm surprised at two things.
One. That Invictus was not nominated for best picture. If District 9, Inglorious Basterds, and Avatar were nominated, Invictus certainly should have been. And,
Two. That the Oscar for Best Original Score was not won by Avatar. While I don't believe Avatar should have been nominated for Best Picture and no offence intended to the winner, but the score for Avatar was simply breath-taking and most certainly should have won.

In any case, I had a lovely time. There often isn't a chance to dress up in formal dresses and such, so it was a great night for Jazz and I. We dressed up, and drank champagne and had fun. Not sure about our other guests who were all terribly exhausted. Oh well. Such as life.

With nothing left to say (I apologise for the length... again... Linguaphile and all...) and will let you get back to your lives. I have a short story to finish, a Horatio Hornblower episode to watch (might do that first....) and an essay to begin researching. Have a great Monday everyone!

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