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- Graycie Harmon

Friday, March 5, 2010



Late yesterday afternoon I typed the last few words of The Wolf and the Eagle, Book 2 of The Seraphimé Saga. I then did a happy dance and went to Martial Arts training. I almost died at Martial Arts training! There was a return to the harder core style training that Elder Kung Fu Brother Gordon remembered from when he first started. It was nostalgia for him, a killer for us.

That is not a complaint. It was hard work, but absolutely brilliant. I hope we get to do more of it before he disappears for the rest of the term. His lovely wife is expecting.

Sorry, that was a tangent. Back to the main story:

Right, so the point is I've finished The Seraphimé Saga. In celebration, I'm giving myself the day off writing. I don't think that will last at all. I have a short story for a competition I had entered that I had put on the back burner while The Seraphimé Saga was still being written, and there was marking to be done. So I might play around with that for a day.

Then it's off Fantasy writing for a whole month as I prepare an article for my sister's website.

Then it's editing time! By then all my Beta Readers ought to have finished their corrections, and I can take a harder look at The Third Prince. I've already made one large change (thanks Mpho, you were absolutely correct).

Then it's submission time, since as of the 25th of last month I was free of any obligation to Tor not to submit as per my letter.

Then... well, who knows!

Have a great weekend everyone. I know I shall!

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