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- Graycie Harmon

Friday, March 25, 2011

An Award!

Good Morning!

I've won an award:

How this thing is supposed to work is I link back to the person/blog who/which awarded me the award ... hmmm this sentence needs fixing .... and then I nominate 15 other bloggers for the award. This is tough, because I don't know 15 other bloggers.

I therefore nominate:

Anna L. Walls, Gerard de Marigny, and the newly created blog by All Things Books (I'm really looking forward to the content of that one). The problem with this is, of course, they've all likely received this award at one time or another already. Well, except All Things Books.

These awards feel a little like chain letters, really...

The only other bit of news I have, other than that I am on track with my writing, is that there is a sparring workshop with my Kung Fu school tomorrow. I don't particularly like sparring. I don't like being in fights, even mock ones. I don't mind watching them, but I really don't like being in them. As one of the few "advanced" girls, however, I definitely have to be there to make sure the new girls are comfortable. There will be pizza afterwards. I'm looking forward to that.

Since that is the case, here is today's Forgotten English:


A young thief; [from] grinche, a thief ... Other varieties of the tribe of [thieving] malefactors go by the appellations of chevalier de la grippe, limousineur, voleur de bonjour, droguiste, &c. The English brethren [are] denominated: prig, cracksman, crossman, sneaksman, moucher, hooker, flash cove, bug-hunter, cross-cove, buz-faker, stook-hauler, toy-getter, prop-nailer, area-sneak, lob-sneak, lully prigger, thimble-twister, conveyancer, pudding-snammer, beak-hunter, ziff, buttock-and-file, poll-theif, little snakesman, mill-ben cove on the cross, flashman and, formerly a good fellow, a bridle-cull.
- Albert Barrère's Dictionary of Slang, Jargon, and Cant, 1889

Right, I will either goof off today, or write. I haven't decided which. Have a great weekend all!


g said...

Hey sista! Thanks so much for the nom!

I know what you mean about sparring ... my sensei's (James Cata) dojo was in 'Bath Beach Body Building' ... a workout facility in the heart of Brooklyn complete with a boxing ring in the back.

I had to study goju ryu karate (taught by sensei) in order to be accepted into his Wing Chun kung fu (he wouldn't allow students into his kung fu school unless you studied karate for at least one year).

Anyway, the karate classes always ended with 'volunteer' sparring, which meant sensei would say, 'g, get in there!' lol ...

I mostly sparred with black belts, many of whom also were body builders ... needless to say this heavy metal guitarist turned writer of fiction got his butt-ocks kicked all over the ring (and even once received a straight kick to my chest that knocked me out of the ring (it's a loooong way to the floor, trust me)


Question: Have you ever tried Tai Chi? 8-)

S.M. Carrière said...

I can totally sympathise with that. Wednesday, I received a front kick to the chest that had me flying halfway across the room. One of my Kung Fu brothers thought it would be fun to test out the body shield I was wearing at the time. He didn't hold back any power. Another Kung Fu brother caught me (thank goodness) before I fell down. No bruise, and I could still breathe fine, so I guess the shield worked!

How long did you study Wing Chun for? Our school is primarily norther Praying Mantis, but we also have Pigua, Bagi and Bagua in our curriculum.

Our school does two styles of Tai Chi - Yang and Chen. Both are very different. I've just finished learning a simplified Yang style form (118 hands, or something to that effect). Our school teaches it from a martial perspective. We get to learn the applications for the movements we do. My favourite move thus far is 'single whip' mostly because it's relatively easy to apply!

I've just started learning Chen style. It looks easy, but really isn't! Done well, though, and it looks fabulous.

g said...

Our whole band studied for about a year and then I continued for another 2, mostly studying Wing Chun, some 5 animals and a touch of Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Li's offensive-first tao).

Our bass player Dave Spitz, who went on to Black Sabbath became a black belt in goju (he had studied for a number of years prior).

I wasn't as interested in Japanese karate (or their colorful belts) as much as learning Chinese Kung Fu.

In 1984, we even worked a few katas into our stage show, complete with swords ... nothing like a heavy metal show with swords ... 9-)

I haven't studied in years though. Anytime I think of going back, one of my old bruises reminds me to stay home and write instead! lol!

S.M. Carrière said...

That's a good stretch! You're one of the few who would be interested in Kung Fu. It's a dying art, mostly because most people do not see it as a legitimate fighting style, which is a shame, 'cause it can be if taught correctly.

I would have loved to have seen your '84 show! The minute you mentioned swords it reminded me of the ridiculous Def Leppard music video for Rock of Ages. They had a giant sword in that one... and it looked really odd in the hands of a less-than-built guy!

Your school sounds hardcore. I'd probably question going back too! Besides, I, for one, am glad that you decided to write instead.

Anna L. Walls said...

Thanks for the award S.M. I'm honored. As far as karate, I studies during collage from a great teacher (I thought so any way but what do I know). The class was small so instruction wasn't so bulky and generic. My fellow students were all guys and here's little me so I could never get my belts in class and had to compete. The stress was always on control and a successful touch got you the point. I never really liked full contact.

S.M. Carrière said...

You're very welcome, Anna.

I've just gotten in from said sparring workshop. I got owned. Now I feel like I have to spar more to get better!

Ah well. Such is life.

I'm a huge fan of martial arts now that I'm in it. I think I've found a "sport" I can do!