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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

St. Lucia Celebrations

As yesterday was St. Lucia Day, my flatmate threw a very small Lucia celebration. It was a wonderful gathering of three - K.M-B., J.M-B. and myself.

I came home from work and we ate meatballs in sauce, potato fritters and Swedish crackers with cheese or jam for dinner. The jam was made from a berry that was something like cranberry, but not quite. It didn't smell all that appealing, but tasted wonderful! I can't remember the name of the berry. Or the crackers for that matter.

With dinner eaten, we headed out to our local Canadian Tire (side note, I really despise that tyre (the thing that goes on the wheel) in North America is written as tire, which means fatigue. It shouldn't bother me because as a literate, educated person, I know that languages and spellings are as fluid as the cultures who use them. It does bother me. I don't know why.). Once there we picked up decorations and our 100% natural, biodegradable Christmas Tree. It was a Fraser Fir - a superior tree, apparently. I do have to say, it's nice the thick and looks great.

We carried the tree home over thick sheets of ice laid down by the freezing rain not a couple of days before. It was amusing to say the least.

Once home, we put the tree in the stand and started decorating. Long story short, the tree looks great! As threatened, poor Castiel became the tree-topper. He had previously been pinned to the wall for our amusement. I suppose the top of a tree is a step up. We even gave him a sparkly scarf to keep him warm.

Again, my apologies to Misha Collins who is a very fine actor. However, this was far too funny not to do!

We then drank some traditional warm Swedish Christmas drink. I'm not sure how it's spelled, but it's pronounced something like 'glurg.' I believe it's the sound one makes when very drunk and trying to speak. It's a little like fortified mulled wine. In any case, it was very tasty.

We also donned silver tinsel crowns and danced to traditional Swedish Christmas songs. Some of them had actions, some of them were just holding hands and dancing in a circle. It felt a little odd with just three people, but it was still fun.

Our upstairs neighbours had a good time observing our carrying-on through the window from their car. I can only imagine what was going through their heads at the time. Ah well, we had the Christmas spirit!

At the end of the evening, we took a group photo pretending to be angels. As it turns out, there are two angels, and one very obvious imposter. What evil plot do you think I'm devising here? Mwah hah hah ha!

In writing news, I don't know what drug I took yesterday, but I was a writing powerhouse. I ended up writing 8 000 words. If I write nothing today, I'm still ahead of the game. However, the story is running through my head at break-neck speed, so I'm planning to write today. Perhaps not so much. My fingers ached a great deal yesterday afternoon!

Well, I best start writing again. Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

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