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- Graycie Harmon

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Flatmate is Ridiculous

I have to share this with you because I can't stop giggling about it.

Monday was both bad and good for me. It got better towards the end of the day, when I finally managed to settle in and write. I wrote a surprising amount, and felt very accomplished.

My flatmate also felt very accomplished, but for a different reason. She had spent much of the day and all her creative abilities making this years angel tree-topper. The thing was, she decided to make this while drinking whiskey and watching Supernatural.

Can you guess our tree-topper? Yup...

My flatmate is ridiculous.

Now I could grumble and moan about our Castiel tree-topper, but the fact of the matter is, I'm a huge dork, and I love it. I giggle like a mindless school girl every time I walk into the living room and see Castiel glowering at me. I can't help it.

This was inspired genius.

A Very Supernatural Christmas? I think so!

My most profound apologies to Misha Collins, whose face will now grace the top of our Christmas tree and is the basis for my constant amusement. It couldn't be helped. You have to expect these things when you play an angel on a show with an overly imaginative audience. Just sayin'.

When the tree is up and decorated, I'll post a picture so that you too, can giggle hysterically at poor Castiel, who has been relegated to tree-topper duty.

I should get back to writing, I've got a few thousand words to catch up on after yesterday's disaster. I only managed 1 000 words yesterday as actual work needed my attention. Them's the breaks. I still reckon I have it very good here at this low-paying, low-expectation job of mine.

Have a fantastic Wednesday, everyone. I know I will. I'm still giggling.

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