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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

My Christmas was fantastic!

Though Hallowe'en is my favourite time of the year, Christmas is a very close second. Most especially now, surrounded as I am with wonderful people.

It's the people who make anything worthwhile, really (an uninteresting aside, I just typed that sentence with my eyes closed. Perhaps I shouldn't have had that coffee). If people are horrid, then it goes without saying that you'll have a horrid time. If people are warm, lively, loving and good, then it's almost guaranteed that you'll have a blast.

I had a blast. My father's family have to be one of the closest, warmest, most loving group of people I know. They are generous, fun-loving and kind. Christmas with them is always wonderful.

My father's family is very large. He has nine brothers and sisters, they each have children, and now we're at the stage where their children are having children. It's a BIG gathering all bundled up in love and laughter.

As there are so many people, it's simply uneconomical to try and buy gifts for all of them. The family has come up with an ingenious solution. Every year they have a theme. This year's was silver and gold. Every person buys one gift in that theme for their gender. Then, when the day comes, we all play games, and the winner of each round picks a gift from under the tree.

Not only is this an economical solution to what would be a extraordinary expense, it is also tonnes of fun. There was so much laughter this year, I'm still smiling 'cause of it.

I won a beautiful pair of long-stemmed champagne flutes and a gold purse this year. I won it by fanning a Christmas bauble onto a piece of paper with a cardboard box. It was a race.

Though the gift is beautiful, it's really the gathering that I adore the most.

I am so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful, loving, strong family.

Sigh. My Christmas was simply wonderful. How was yours?

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