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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Equestrian Archery

Last night was the first Equestrian Archery lesson of the summer. I would have started earlier, but trying to get my friends to make a decision as to whether or not they wanted to go was like herding cats.

In the end, it was just my flatmate and I. That was probably a good thing, as it made the lesson nice and cosy and tonnes of fun.

I have to say, Chris is an awesome instructor. He is very laid back and friendly, and it's so easy to learn from him.

It was just wonderful to get back on the horse (quite literally). I managed a gallop or two. The horse, Nash, is a Clydesdale mix (nowhere near as tall as a purebred Clydesdale, but a nice size.... not too skinny). She's a mare, so will be a bit of a bully sometimes, but doesn't bite, or buck, or kick. She's got a steady temperament, and doesn't shy easily. I love her!

I managed to lose two arrows, because I'm clever like that. Apparently not such a great aim, though I did hit the little 'bullseye' twice (it was part of a KitKat wrapper shoved into a hay bale), three times I missed the bale entirely. Although to be fair, the third time I missed I was galloping passed the target at a million miles an hour.... The first two misses were just shockingly bad.

As we trained and the sun got low in the sky, mist began to rise from the field. I wish I had brought my camera, because it was stunningly beautiful. We rode back to the barn at dusk and it was well and truly dark by the time we headed back.

Le sigh. I can't wait until next lesson, which will hopefully be next Monday, before the trainer heads off to Iceland for a vacation!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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