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- Graycie Harmon

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Hate Being Late!

And guess what, this post is late. Bloody perfect.

Pardon my language.

Alright, you know how my short story got picked for this competition and will be included in an anthology with other really talented writers, blahdy blahdy blah? Right. Well, I'm pretty sure the editors are regretting their choice right about now.

Not only have I questioned them to death about certain changes, but I missed my midnight deadline last night. Why? Because I'm an idiot, that's why. I thought I had emailed them changes on the 31st along with questions about certain changes I didn't feel were right. Only here's the idiotic part, I forgot to send the attachment. Did I figure this out during the rest of the day on Monday? Or even any part of the day Tuesday? No. I found this out when one of the editors explained their choice and I went to open the attachment I had sent them... only to find it not there.

I didn't have a copy with me. All my writing is on my work computer. I got the response from the editors at roughly 7:30 last night. Perfectly reasonable time in order for me to make changes to the story and send it back before midnight, right? Except that I was no longer at work... and the building gets locked up after 6pm, and you need a special key, which I don't have... and there was no attachment in my inbox like I thought there would be... and so I couldn't do the work before midnight.

So I raced into work a little earlier this morning, fired up my computer (which is working faster than yesterday, thank goodness), and sent away the edits. Nine hours late.

I am so not impressed with myself.

I'm sure the editors are also less than impressed with me, not least of all because of my questions. I still feel that one edit in particular just isn't right, but that's an aside. I changed it to make a happy medium... hopefully it'll be a happy medium. In the version that will be appearing in my own anthology, I'll reverse that change, I think.

Right, I have more short stories to write, so I have to get on it. Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!

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