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- Graycie Harmon

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4th Annual Stellar Literary Festival, Part Two

So, I made it to the train on time; flustered, injured, but on time.

It was with some smugness that I sat back in my seat and watched the world roar passed. It was a beautiful ride. The land was green and dripping with freshly fallen rain. I wish that we might have been able to open the window once we were out of the city. It must have smelled wonderful.

I saw a very adorable puppy being walked, almost right on the tracks, actually. Stupid owner. A young boy stood at the crossing in his home town and waved to us as the train roared passed. He looked so incredibly happy, and that made me happy.

We pulled into Oshawa Train Station right on time. I grabbed my luggage and wandered out of the station and found a taxi. The taxi driver was very friendly, and incredibly helpful. He showed me where there were places to eat along the way. He also was quite concerned for my safety. Apparently, the place where I was staying was located at Hoon Central, and I shouldn't really go out by myself late at night.


I thanked the driver and gave him a large tip for all his help. I stepped outside of the taxi and couldn't help but smile.

You know those obnoxiously trashy motels you always see in movies. You know, the ones where the high-income business man takes his... uh.... mistress? This place could have been a set for a movie like that.

Well, for $66.00, who can complain? I'm not going to! I checked in and went to my room. It was a nice room, actually. Quite large and a little away from the main road, the room was clean and inviting. I went to the bathroom and noticed this:

Um... I had been watching way too much Bones and I immediately thought: Someone's head was bashed in here.

There is a problem with having too much imagination.

I set down my luggage, grabbed my satchel and headed out to explore the immediate area. I ended up at the local chemist because I forgot to pack my toothbrush and toothpaste. Typical. I bought some, then wandered around looking for food. I ended up at a place called El Stavros. The décor is lovely, the food was... well... what you might expect from any pub. A little on the expensive side for what you got, but hell, I was on holiday... sort of.

Heeding the taxi driver's advice, I headed to the motel to have an early night. That night, I locked the door and threw all my valuables in the bed with me. Not that I have things that are all that valuable, but I like my old-school first gen. iPod mini and my digital camera.

Nervous, it took me a little bit to fall asleep, but when I did, I slept like a baby.

Stay tuned!

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