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- Graycie Harmon

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just For Whqtt

Alright, not really just for Whqtt, but it is my own stuff this time, so I thought I'd honour him in my title!

A couple of things. Today is the first of October. Well, you already knew that. That's not the interesting bit. The interesting bit is that this evening I'm off to a function at the University of Ottawa to celebrate the creation of the Celtic Studies Minor. Yay! I am very much a Celtic Studies lover. I adore the field and should I become an academic (still trying to get there, despite my aspirations of becoming a published Fantasy author), that is the field I intend to pursue. I studied almost all the classes offered in Celtic Studies (with the exception of the language classes, but I fully intend to learn Welsh) and so spent a great deal of time with the Chair of Celtic Studies, Paul Birt. We are now good friends and I occasionally look after his gorgeous dog Brân while he's away. I am also a corrector for some Celtic studies programmes, though not this term, as I, in between moving, getting a teaching gig for Martial Arts, and looking after the kittens, forgot to apply. I'll apply for the winter term. In any case, I'm very excited that it has become a Minor now and I am really looking forward to this evening.

In kitten news, our last, unnamed kitten is now named. We've decided to call him Herne (as in Herne the Hunter of British folklore). I'd love to thank everyone who submitted names for consideration. Since there was only one here on blogger, I've decided that should my book ever get published, I'll be sending them a free copy, although we didn't chose that name. Thanks again.

In publicity news, I've been searched again. This time from Oslo, Norway. It made me giggle, since I have staying with me my friend from Norway! Coincidence? Probably.

In weather news, it's too bloody cold for this time of the year! And can we please have some sun?

That's all! I hope you are all well.


whqttt said...

Not as in Pratchett's Herne the Hunted?

You might want to get yourself a copy of
Legend by Clannad. It's all myth, folklore, Robin Hood and has a track called Herne.

All original, yay. Thank you.
Shame you left of a T...

S. M. Carrière said...

Gosh, you're right! Three 't's. I'm sorry!

Not as is Pratchett's Herne the Hunted (which I'm certain was a play on the original folklore). I'll have a look at Legend by Clannad. Thanks for the tip!