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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Actual News!

Hello everybody!

I was in a great mood yesterday afternoon! Why, you ask?

I've started writing again. I have roughly 3 000 words written as of yesterday afternoon. The snippet came to me Monday night when I was trying to sleep (yeah, right, sleep. As if.). It was actually no more than a touching piece of brief dialogue between a nomadic warrior queen and a prince of a much more sedentary people. I clung to that dialogue like a child clings to a blanket and when at last I was sitting before a computer I wrote it down and then, like some miracle of imagination, I just kept writing. I haven't had a session like that since I had finished The Great Man series, and I'm very excited.

I feel very attached to the woman in question, a strong woman by the name of Seraphimé. It is almost the same sort of attachment I felt to Julian of The Great Man, and that makes me incredibly happy! I do have another story to tell after all! I hope it's not as tragic as The Great Man was. Oh, the low points I suffered through with that series!

Now, mind you, I have no idea what this story is about yet. I have no idea how it begins, and the ending is yet obscured in the vague mist of "I-just-thought-this-up-ness." New word, by the by. I feel I'll have an ending soon. It's just a feeling. For now, though, it's enough that I have once again felt that thrill of writing - of writing something that needs to be written. I can relax now. I can let go of Julian (sorry, Jules. You will always be my first love, but it is time for me to move on) and focus on Seraphimé. I hope this idea doesn't fade out like the others did....

The way I write, all I require is an ending. I have absolute faith that as long as I know where the story is leading, and that it does, in fact, end, I shall have no problem writing it. So, I shall write away until I find that ending.

I did some quick maths and noted that if I remain writing roughly 3 000 words daily, I will be done writing a 100 000 word manuscript in just over a month. I have a feeling that this will be another long tale though. Now there's a scary thought! Since that is the case, I will allow for another four book series (perhaps it'll only be two or three, or as many as five... who knows?) and set my deadline for five months after the acquisition of an ending to write the thing. Then I'll have two series/books to champion, and I can go through the whole waiting process all over again. Ugh. The publication game!

So, as soon as I get an ending for this new story, I'll inform you. Then there will be much more pressure to finish on time! Mind you, with The Great Man there was a great deal of fear-based procrastination.... They tell me it gets easier as you go along.

In other news, I have submitted a few select pieces of The Third Prince (Book 1 of The Great Man) to Narrative Magazine. They are running a competition and I thought I'd share it with you. Go here to read about it and enter if you like. It closes November 30th, so get on it!

That's all I have. Now I'm off to write some more and hopefully get nearer to my new story's conclusion.

Take good care everyone.

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