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- Graycie Harmon

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fire Alarm and Other Mundane Things

Still no news from Tor. Hardly surprising - the two month mark is not until the 25ht of this month, after all. They probably haven't even opened the envelope yet.

This morning we had a fire drill. Why is it that they can never do these things in the summer when it's pleasant out? They always have to wait until it's cold enough to inspire violent coughing from shocked lungs. Anyway, the point of my complaint was to explain why this post is late this morning.

It seems that my idea of Tuesday interviews just isn't working. Several interviews I have sent out weeks ago have yet to be returned. Grrr! Chris, if you're reading this, that means you! So I shall simply interview people when I feel I can, and if ever I get a response, I'll post them up on my blog whenever I get responses. It's not ideal, but it'll have to do.

I am partaking in a discussion on on shameless self-promotion. I've already written on how I feel about the issue in this blog, so I won't bore you with the details, but it so happened that we were talking about blogs. I recalled suddenly that someone had posted a comment on one of my entries and they were from Brazil, and it got me thinking.

I write these entries day after day, never really assuming that anyone actually reads these things. Well, beyond my family and friends (and even that is not certain). It rarely crosses my mind as I type out countless sentences of inane drivel that someone might actually be reading what it is I'm carrying on about.

It blows my mind every time someone bothers to make a comment on my posts, and even more so when that person is a complete stranger from a place like Brazil, or San Fransico, or somewhere else I've yet to visit. It makes me happy, then has me wondering who is out there. What are your stories? Why on earth are you even bothering with my blog? Surely with no news on my writing to report, you must be bored out of your wits. I know I am. There is only so much kitten love, work news (in a workplace that has nothing happening) and Kung Fu stuff that I can conceivably write about and even less that I can imagine anyone wanting to read.

So to all of you, the faceless crowd (I dare say I'm flattering myself by assuming that there is a crowd of people who read my blog) who read and to those that comment, a huge thank-you for bothering at all! I am flattered beyond words and I hope that you at least enjoyed one or two of my posts. Now I'll stop drivelling and go back to ... something ... there must be something for me to do ...

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