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- Graycie Harmon

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blogs I'm Following

Hi all in the invisible crowd that is the blogging world. I haven't anything to report, so I'm just going to list a few blogs I'm following and links to each so you can follow too if you like. You don't have to, but I think I ought to help out my fellow bloggers as much as possible, mostly because almost all of them are writers or have blogs related to writing. Here they are:

Publishing Dreams
. A post by Marshall Buckley, who is in fact, two separate people. They have had the very good fortune of finishing a book and finding an agent. They, like myself, are blogging about the road to publication. They don't post as frequently as I do, but that makes their posts all that much more precious! Check them out! I'm so very envious and strangely also proud of their accomplishments to date and can't wait to read their book The Long Second.

A Writing Obsession. Anna L. Wells, who has become a recent good friend met first through and continued on through facebook, has self-published her first book King by Right of Blood and Might. She's blogging about her experiences as an author also, and has been interviewed by a couple of bloggers. The reviews of her book have thus far been very positive. I have even managed to win a copy and can't wait to review it myself.

Don't Publish Me. Jenn is also an author. She has recently completed a memoir 29 Jobs and a Million Lies and is seeking representation/ publication. She is a prolific writer, having completed other projects and had her articles published in legal journals.

CC Chronicles. The go to place for independent reviews of independent writers, blogs and much, much more. It's a very informative blog and, the best part, Carter loves dragons, and so do I.

Dark and Secret Writes
. I love this blog if only for the glorious play on words in its title. This blog is written by Paul, yet another acquaintance I've met through Paul lives in the UK and though he doesn't post very often, what he posts is well worth the read!

Goddess Guidebook. Written by my good friend Leonie. Leonie and I have known each other since grade 11, and I am in constant awe of her spirit. I've posted specifically about her before now, but she's worth mentioning again.

And last but not least:

Horse 'n Hound. Written by the gorgeous Genevieve Carrière. That's right, my eldest sister, has started a brand new blog about the animals in her life, most notably the journey she's taking as she learns to ride (English). Genevieve is an amazing person, and I'm not saying that just because she's my sister, and this blog is a must for anyone who likes animals - especially horses. Count me in!

Check out these blogs. You'll be glad you did!

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