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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vast Improvement

Life seems to have improved overnight.

J.M-B. and I went to Equestrian Archery last night, and I wasn't nearly as frustrated. Plus, I got to ride back to the stables the long way - and it was a beautiful ride through grasses that came up to my waist (mounted) and birds that suddenly took flight from right beside me.

Ahhhh.... bliss!

My own improvement and the fact that Nash was very well behaved helped improve my mood. Then, to cap off the night, I finally met our trainer's new horse, Marius. Marius is a quarter horse/ paint mix. He has the sweetest face you can imagine, and appears to be always smiling.

He's also incredibly friendly, and affectionate and just so dang adorable! I fell in love right away.

What a sweetheart.

I haven't any pictures or video of the lesson up yet, but they will be forthcoming.

Right, I have a book to finish, so I'll leave you alone now... except to say that, by a magnificent stroke of someone else double booking, I'm going to see The Lion King at the N.A.C. tonight. Squee!


Being under the feet; from Latin pes, the foot.
- Rev. John Boag's Imperial Lexicon of the English Language, c. 1850

Applied to a mountain lying at the foot of another.
- Sir James Murray's New English Dictionary, 1919.

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