Being an author is like being in charge of your own personal insane asylum.

- Graycie Harmon

Monday, July 4, 2011

Time to Get Cracking

I've spent all last week figuring my way through The Dying God & Other Stories updates, and revisions and preparation for self-publication.

Enough of that noise!

I should be almost finished Puppet Master by now, but The Dying God has stolen all of the lime-light. Time to get going on Puppet Master again. All that remains of The Dying God business is the update (which still hasn't gone through), the revision of the 2nd proof (which isn't due to arrive until the middle of the month), decide on whether or not I want to pay the $39.00 for the 'extended distribution channel' (any advice from those who've been there already?), and then approve the thing for publishing.

It's not likely to be approved for a little bit yet. There's some behind the scenes stuff I have to take care of as well (like the T.I.N. that I require, etc).

So, I can (sort of) concentrate on Puppet Master for a while. It will make a nice change to actually write!

This post is later than usual, thanks to the obnoxiously slow computer. I cannot wait until I get a newer, faster machine... assuming there's space in the office budget for one...

Enough mucking around, I must get cracking. To keep you company while I disappear into the continent of Kwon, here's today's Forgotten English:

Bung Your Eye

Drink a dram; strictly speaking, to drink till one's eyes is bunged up, or closed. Boys at school said, "I'll bung you eye," meaning to strike one in the eye, the consequence of which was generally a bunged eye, that is, so swollen as to be closed up. It is derived, no doubt, from bung, which came from a Welsh word that means a stopple [stopper].
- Alfred Elwyn's Glossary of Supposed Americanisms, 1859

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