Being an author is like being in charge of your own personal insane asylum.

- Graycie Harmon

Friday, April 15, 2011

It's All Fun and Games...

'Till somebody loses their pride.

I really dislike this publishing game. The trying, the hoping, the waiting, the hoping, the rejection, the trying, the hoping, the waiting, the hoping, the rejection...


And now I'm done complaining.

Writing-wise, I'm keeping pace. I'm up to 91 000 odd words, which is right where I should be. Three more days of writing and I shall have reached my target (so I should be finished the book Wednesday, if I can keep it up). I'm at that stage where I just want to gouge out my own eyes. Writing 100 000 words is pretty tough. It gets easier with practice and, with four other books at that length, I know for a fact I can manage it.

I normally give myself Friday's off writing. It kicks off a writing long weekend. I'm undecided about what to do with my spare time. I'll write a little bit more, I think. However, if I don't get around to it, there's no foul. It's my day off, after all.

I'd also like to send a shout out to Debbie Allen of the blog Writing While the Rice Boils. She very kindly mentioned me in a blog post featuring four blogs. You can read it here. She will be featuring four more blogs come Monday. Go to the page and check out the worthy blogs listed there.

I suppose you're all wanting today's Forgotten English, then? Here it is:


The true expression of a word; the etymology or right meaning of a word.

- Thomas Blount's Glossographia, 1656


Pam Asberry said...

Hang in there! You are doing the work; publication is sure to follow. I am glad you give yourself a day off; you need time to rest and to refill the creative well. I love your word for today; as a writer, I think that's so important! I hope you are having a great weekend.

S.M. Carrière said...

Thanks, Pam! It's weird, despite all the rejections, I somehow still believe that I'll be published... so I'm not going to give up yet!

Today's word is important! Sadly, it's also no longer used. Ah... English, how rapidly dost thee change!

(I hope that was correct!)