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- Graycie Harmon

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gone Home... sort of

Well, last night was the last night that my sister and her husband stayed in Ottawa. They're leaving on a jet plane, don't know when they'll be back again... ahem... sorry. They're off to Vancouver today. The plane leaves in about an hour.

To celebrate them being here at all, the entire Carrière gang headed out to a restaurant called BDT in Hull, Quebec. That's just across the river from Ottawa for all you non-Canadians. The food was great. The atmosphere was... sweltering! This must be the only restaurant in town that doesn't have air-conditioning... or even ceiling fans.

Already exhausted from lack of sleep the night before (the heat kept me awake), I was almost dying where I sat. Though, oddly, I was quite hungry. The food was really good. I had the lamb chops with couscous. Mmmm.... couscous. I also helped finish a plate of chips (fries) and the rest of my sister's salad.

That is why I'll never be small.

Afterwards, we all went to my aunt's place for desert. I had one coconut roll before I found a spot to sit and doze with my eyes open... barely. I scored an old vase of my aunt's that night. She didn't want it, so just handed it to me. It's awesome!

That night, G.H. and D.H. and I said our goodbyes. I'm pleased to announce there were no tears. I wish I could be at the aeroport with her today, but, alas, I must work.

In writing news, I had been asked a week ago to be a Beta Reader for a friend. I went to the cottages and thence Montréal the very next day, so didn't have a chance to even look at it until yesterday. Then yesterday, the worst possible day at the office in recorded history, I was so busy I didn't get a chance to look at it. With many cats away today, however, I just might have a few moments to spare.

Since I am reading, I've set aside my illustrating until it's done. That's why you see no progress on the bar on the right hand side of the screen. On that note, I'd best get cracking! Have a great Thursday everyone!

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