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- Graycie Harmon

Monday, July 26, 2010

Back From the Weekend

Hi everybody!

It was a great weekend for me. Was it for you?

I cleaned the kitchen. I watched Lord of the Rings - all three movies.... the extended editions. I even watched some InuYasha (my favourite anime) and had nothing to do with my writing at all except dream. A lot. I dreamt so much that I have a feeling that The Great Man series will be five books instead of four. Between Overlord (book III) and Prince of Darkness (Book IV), I'll likely be inserting another book entitled Puppet Master. I have some large scenes that won't fit anywhere else.

This isn't a promise mind. I told myself I was going to wrap things up after I enter this upcoming competition, and I'm still leaning towards doing so. Though, knowing the stories that run through my head, and the uncontrollable need (as a side note: this urge to write is really bizarre!) to write them, it's likely that I will end up writing this new book.

First, though, I have to finish editing the short stories. They'll be done soon and hopefully almost ready to publish. Next up would be fixing up The Osprey and the Crow (book I of The Seraphimé Saga) for this competition that's ending December 31st of this year. After that, probably Puppet Master, but I'm not sure.

Oh! And in other writing related, if not exciting news, in anticipation of the release of The Dying God & Other Stories in October of this year, I've built a teeny, tiny website using blogger. No, seriously. Technically it's a blog, but it works well as a website. Of course, being so far away from the release date, there isn't much to put on there. I've filled in what I can. Do check it out:

You don't have to "follow" it like you would a regular blog. There's really only going to be one post up as the main page.

Right, that's it from me. I have editing to get on with. Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

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