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- Graycie Harmon

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Friends and Film

Well, last night was lovely. I met up with two of my friends from Kung Fu, G.S. and K.C., at the South Keys cinema last night to watch Captain America.

The film was actually very decent. They did a good job of not alienating their non-American audience, I have to say. I understand this film has copped a lot of slack from people. I'm not sure why they think the film is so terrible. Perhaps they went in expecting something more profound.

It's a comic book adaptation people. Expect a comic book adaptation.

I laughed out loud at the very beginning during the pre-show - there was an add for The Wiggles. For those of you who don't know, The Wiggles are an Australian children's entertainment group. Apparently, they're on tour and coming to Canada. I almost fell out of my seat, I was so amused!

After the flick, we headed out to my local pub for some drinks with two more friends from Kung Fu, R.S. and A.T. We geeked out over R.P.G.s and comic book characters, and uniforms that were straight out of Stargate...


I had missed my little Kung Fu posse. I'm looking forward to going back to training in September. By then, my feet ought to have healed up and I should be less likely to go postal on annoying people. Bonus.

As far as writing goes, I was extraordinarily productive yesterday. I reached my 3 000 words shortly after lunch. This was an exceptionally fun 3 000 words - J.M-B. made her debut appearance. It is ridiculous fun sticking people you know into fantastic situations. I was also mentioned. Not by name, I'm just 'the flatmate.' I never actually appear in this book, I'm just mentioned once or twice. That is also silly fun!

Afterwards, I went back to The Dying God & Other Stories, having received it back from my afore-mentioned flatmate. I am really upset at myself for the number of errors that were picked up. I mean, seriously! UGH!

In any case, I went through and made the edits. Now the Kindle version is ready for upload. I shall be doing that this afternoon, assuming I have written my daily 3 000. I also fixed up the version. Unfortunately, my .pdf converter is a piece of crap programme that argues with me, so I shipped it off to someone else to convert. I so need to buy that guy something amazing.

Hopefully I'll be getting the .pdf back sometime today, and I can upload it to If I've done well, then I'll be ordering the proof for the very last time and finally be able to click the 'publish' button. Then you all can buy the paperback version - finally.

I hope. If I get the proof and there are still errors, I'm going to be mad as hell!

Right, I have work to do. Have a fantastic Wednesday everyone!


A sleepy, stupid person who does not get on with work. From dornir [French, to sleep]. Dormitoire was an adjective in Ol French.
- G.C. Lewis' Glossary of Provincial Words Used in Hereforshire, 1839

Dormed, absent-minded, dazed.
- Joseph Wright's English Dialect Dictionary, 1898-1905


Debbie Maxwell Allen said...

I've never written a story with people I know. Sounds like fun!


S.M. Carrière said...

Oh my gosh, it's so much fun - especially if you're being silly!