Being an author is like being in charge of your own personal insane asylum.

- Graycie Harmon

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Do a Little Dance!

Ohhh yeaaaaah! I'm past the half-way mark. Ooooh yeah! Do a little dance...

That was my minor celebration on this project. Past the half-way mark is a big deal since I started not loo long ago.

If I stay on track, that's just about three more weeks of writing, and then I'm done the obnoxiously written first draft. For the record, all first drafts are obnoxious. Just so you know.

I can then edit and format, then shelve for a while before I edit again... and then send it out to Beta Readers for more edits, before getting it back and editing again and then...

... I can prepare for self-publication.

A few reasons why I want to self-publish this one (I've touched on these before):

1. This is really a just-for-fun project; a silly thing that I don't expect will get a large readership.

2. You pretty much have to live in Ottawa, and know my friends and I (and the ridiculous things we get up to) in order to get any of the jokes.

3. I whipped this up in a little over a month. Unlike The Great Man series, I haven't been slaving over this for years and years. I'm not so attached to the characters or the story that I feel I really desperately want to see this printed traditionally in the same way I do The Great Man. Of course, that said, I am exceptionally concerned about the quality of all my work, so never fear, dear reader. I will endeavour to create the best possible piece of printed material I know how.

There were other reasons, but I can't remember them now. Right, I should get on with it. Have a good Tuesday everyone!


A word invented by Gaule for magical astrology; so magastromancer, one who practices magastromancy, magastromantic, pertaining to magastromancy.
- Sir James Murray's New English Dictionary, 1908

Examples of the magastromancer's fatall miseries are too many to be instanc't... To what end serve the feigned mirables [wonders] of mature but to feigne the magastromantick art for the greatest mirable.
- John Gaule's Mag-Astro-Mancer; or, The Magicall-Atrologicall-Diviner Posed and Puzzled, 1652

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