Being an author is like being in charge of your own personal insane asylum.

- Graycie Harmon

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chillin' and Workin' Simultaneously

How do I do it? I don't know. It sort-of just happened.

Yesterday, I made the conscious decision to stick with my policy of resting for at least a week after finishing a project before I start writing again. Sort-of.

I spent the day watching re-runs of Qi episodes. An aside, I really envy you in the UK who get this stuff on air. It's a really brilliant programme! I would happily move to the UK just for the television.

In any case, as I watched, the story basically ran through my head from start to finish, including descriptions of the bad buys (hitherunto unknown). I quickly jotted it down.

I also came up with a title for the work, though it is subject to change. I'm going with:

Ethan Cadfael (The Battle Prince)

What do you reckon? It sounds all serious and stuff, but I shall endeavour to keep this one light. Well, as light as my imagination will let me.

It still has a happy ending, at least. For those who are in the know, that's quite a change from my regular fare.

Right, I'm off to watch more Qi. Did I mention that I adore Qi?


A word applied to an abundance of clothing. A woman with too many flounces or ribbons would be said to have too much fuffle about her.
- Rev. Alfred Easther's Glossary of Almondbury and Huddersfield, 1883

Particularly applied to dress when disordered from being roughly handled.
- John Jamieson's Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language, 1808

He saw the vicar ... in fluffled garb.
- William Tennant's Thane of Fife and Papistry Stormed, 1827

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