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- Graycie Harmon

Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend and Wonderment

Good morning all! Happy Monday.

It's a happy Monday for me, as on Friday, I finished the main body of Overlord (The Great Man, Book 4).


I only have to write the epilogue now. The epilogue is actually quite emotionally difficult, so it might take me a while to plod my way through that horrific mess. All the same, I expect to be finished my (new) first draft of Overlord this week.

Double SQUEE!

I will be celebrating by attending the first ever equestrian archery lesson of the summer. I'm so excited to get riding again!

Triple SQUEE!

In non-writing related news, the weekend was very busy for me. I stayed out late Friday, so slept in on Saturday. I missed Lion Dance practice. Ooops. I still feel terrible about that! I taught Kung Fu in the afternoon as usual. Then in the evening, I went out to dinner with friends before heading over to my Kung Fu brother's place to watch the fight (G.S.P. vs Jake Shields).

Yes, I watch M.M.A. I can't help it. It's barbaric to be sure. However, it's also fiercely fascinating to watch from a technical point of view, and if you want an example of technical, strategic fights, you watch G.S.P. (that's George St-Pierre to the uninitiated). He always has a game plan, and he's an intelligent fighter.

Round two, G.S.P. took a strike to his left eye and lost vision in that eye. He still fought a further three rounds, and though took some heavy blows on his left side, still managed to win the fight (on points). It's not the usual G.S.P. people are used to watching (he usually goes for a knockout or submission but after round two was, understandably, extremely hesitant to engage), and so in that sense was disappointing. Props, however, to that man who got up and fought with only one eye, and still won.

I refuse to fight with two good eyes!

I hope that the damage taken wasn't serious. A serious eye injury could mean an unplanned retirement.

We hung around until quite late, or rather, very early the following morning. I got home and stumbled into bed around 4:30. Needless to say, I spent most of Sunday lounging around and doing nothing. A huge thanks to R.S. and his lovely wife L. for hosting us. A massive thanks to K.C. for being the designated driver!

In writing related news again, because today I feel like being all over the map, I was given an author spotlight on You can read it here.

Right, I just realised that my serial is late today, so I'd best email that off! I'll leave you with today's Forgotten English.


A state of baldness; [found in] The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
- John Farmer's Americanisms - Old and New, 1889


Pam Asberry said...

Congrats on your writing accomplishment. It sounds like you had a great weekend, too. Your blog is very eclectic; that's why I gave you a blog award. Check out my post from today for the details. And CONGRATULATIONS!! :-)

S.M. Carrière said...

Ooooh! Thanks!