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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One Year to the Day

Wow, life moves fast doesn't it?

This time last year was my first ever day as J.MB's flatmate. We giggled a lot, as I recall. Not much has changed. We still giggle a lot. J.MB. has to be one of the best friends I have ever made. I am so incredibly thankful to be her flatmate.

To think, I thought I would be living in hell once I moved in with someone. You think I'm joking? All my experiences with flatmates before last September 1st were horrific. One experience was so terrible it drove me out of the country for a month. When I returned, I vowed to never, ever, EVER live with anyone EVER again.

The universe, it seems, had other ideas.

You see, when my landlords informed me that they needed the basement for their own use, and we agreed upon August 31st being the move-out date, I went into bachelor/studio apartment hunting mode. I spent hours browsing through listings. I visited tonnes of places. When I realised I couldn't afford it on my own, I relented and sought out my Kung Fu brother, K.C., who was also apartment hunting. I figured that living with a guy flatmate would be less horrific than living with a girl (all my horrid experiences were girl flatmates).

"No," said the universe.

Unexpected events meant that K.C. was unable to move out as yet. I was back on my own. So back to studio apartment hunting I went. Then another Kung Fu brother came to the rescue. His girlfriend had graduated university and was moving out. She rented an affordable studio apartment and he could arrange it so that I simply take over the lease. Nice!

"No," said the universe.

The landlady, despite being told of my intentions to take over the lease, rented out that apartment to someone else. Nooooo!

It just so happened that before my Kung Fu brother and I shook hands on that apartment, I received an email from a friend of a Kung Fu sister, M.K. That very distant acquaintance was none other than J.MB. Her flatmate was moving out, and she had heard along the Kung Fu grapevine that I was looking for a place, and would I mind moving in.

"Hah!" I thought. "I already have a place!" So I emailed her back and told her thanks, but no thanks. Didn't the afore mentioned apartment fall through the very next day. Sheepishly, I emailed her back and asked if the room was available, and it was. I agreed to move in.

"Yes," said the universe, despite my pleading and begging and crying not to make me move in with anyone.

Turns out, the universe knew what it was doing. It was the best move I ever made.

Thank-you, universe!

And so, to my flatmate and friend:


Thank-you for being you.

Right, I have work to do, and so do you lot. Hop to it then, and have a wonderful Wednesday.

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