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Monday, February 1, 2010

Don't Judge a Book by its Mythology

I fell off my seat laughing, and just had to share!

Alright, today is officially Monday, and I did promise a friend of mine I'd highlight him today. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing to you a buddy of mine, Gerard de Marigny!

Gerard is, like myself, a first time author. Check out his website here. He is a Christian Author, as he will explain on his site. I'm not a Christian myself, but I hardly think that matters. A good story is a good story, no matter which world-view it is written from, and let me tell you, the premise of Gerard's début novel, (looking for representation to all you agents and publishers out there) and series is simply fantastic. I can't wait to read it myself. I'm not just saying that.

The story in his own words:

On September 11, 2020, Islamic extremists detonate a “suitcase” nuclear device in downtown Manhattan. In retaliation, the United States launches OPERATION WHITE HORSE, unknowingly opening the “FIRST SEAL” of the book of Revelation, beginning the Tribulation. Lead by a man named BIAN-ATHAR, God chooses four heroes to be His CHAMPIONS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS. Like the biblical Samson, they are Nazirites endowed with special gifts. They are to protect God’s “first fruits,” people selected to survive the Tribulation. Meanwhile, Satan, in the human personage of the mysterious AMEN NEBTAWI, enlists the help of men to pursue and kill God's chosen. Bian-Athar and the Champions find themselves in a race against time to prevent an attack on the scale of the "2nd 9/11." Yet, they cannot stop the prophetic countdown of 2,520 days. As the White Horseman withdraws …the Red Horseman approaches from the East!

THE FIRST SEAL is book one of my SAGA OF THE SEVEN SEALS Christian fiction series. Each book in the series represents one of the seven seals of revelation and each chronicles one year of the last seven horrific years

How cool does that sound? I think it's going to make for an incredibly exciting story.

Now, most people in my immediate circle of friends would be entirely put off by the Christian narrative and it got me thinking. Why? Why is there this stigma against Christian Fiction? The Christian Mythos is a perfectly legitimate mythology, filled with all the same kinds of magic and wonder as other mythologies, yet it is somehow considered beneath inclusion in Fantasy of any kind. That's not fair! Why is Druidism fair game for Fantasy consumption, and Christianity not? It doesn't make sense.

Christianity has a pretty bad rap amongst non-Christians... even Western non-Christians (at least, my Western non-Christian friends) and, frankly, that's not fair. Sure there are the die-hard fanatics that scream and froth at the mouth, but you get that with almost every religion. Maybe Buddhism is a little more laid back (I've yet to meet a fanatical Buddhist), but I have met fanatical Jews, Muslims, Pagans (yes, fanatical Pagans) and Sikhs. All of them are just as bad as fanatical Christians. There are also wonderful Christians, who are a credit to humanity let alone their faith (M.K., I'm talking about you here).

So, don't discriminate on fiction because it draws on a mythology you disagree with (let's face it, how many of you believe that Orcs and Elves and Trolls actually did/do exist? If you do, you need a serious reality check!). Read the story for what it is - a story, and trust me when I say, Gerard de Marigny's story will definitely be worth the read.

Here's a new author I'm thoroughly excited about. Good luck g, and remember me when you're rich and famous!


Gerard de Marigny said...

S&M... you brought tears to my eyes... this piece was SO nice of you, thank you so much!

I just want everyone that follows you to know - writing what you did about Christian Fiction was a BRAVE thing! The "C" word can really put people off (trust me - I'm dealing with it every day trying to sell my novel to "the man!) lol…

If I may add to your excellent comments - yes, I'm a Christian, but NO, I did not want my novel to be labeled "Christian!" (I didn't label it, the industry has their genres and sub-genres... THEY labeled it!) You know what’s funny… the industry labels my work Christian, forcing me to solicit “Christian-only” agents – who then turn down my novel because it’s not an Amish novel! “Sorry, the old ladies in the mid-west won’t read your FANTASY novel,” is the feedback I’m getting! Can you believe? I didn’t write my novel for the ladies in the mid-west that like to read Amish novels! So “the man” labels my work Christian and then shuns it… now that’s funny!

Hey, I watched Hellboy and read Tolkien... and I have never read LEFT BEHIND! Lol… I was one of the original Dungeons & Dragons online players (and MAGESTORM baby on AOL). I was a heavy metal guitarist 9-) so I am NOT the person to preach (nor would I ever want to in my novels)! Every beta reader of THE FIRST SEAL said the same thing, “This is great g, but it’s NOT a Christian novel!” They tell me it’s Fantasy, Adventure, Suspense, etc., but I haven’t had one person say Christian. I guess I should have written an Amish girl into the storyline. 9-)

Like S.M. said, we're WRITERS. I think THE FIRST SEAL would be a fun read for anyone who enjoys fantasy... if you're a Christian and get more out of it, I'm blessed …and if you’re not and just enjoyed the story... I'm blessed!

Thanks again S.M. for the courage to write this piece and for our friendship! Peace, g

S.M. Carrière said...

You're more than welcome g. I really am excited about this story. It does sound like a ripper of a read.


Creative Chronicler said...

Great post!! I will definitely be checking out Gerard's work.

S.M. Carrière said...

Oh good! Gerard will be so happy!