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- Graycie Harmon

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Brave Shave

Nice rhyme in the title, huh? I'm right? Am I right? I'm right, huh?

Alright, done the silliness for the day. I have something so incredibly awesome to announce. It made my my week when I heard it!

My dear friend Amanda Jones, whom I hated in Grade 8, but by Grade 9 we were friends (it's just one of those things), is being an exceptionally brave woman all for the sake of finding a cure for Leukaemia. This year, my wonderbah friend is shaving her head. If you pay her enough, she'll get all her gorgeous brown hair saved right off.

Of course, it is a fund-raiser, so donations must be given. Hence today's blog. If you feel like doing something amazing, go here, and donate to the cause. You never know, you might just save lives.

On a much sadder note, you may remember (or not) a post I published a while back about a friend whose father was very ill. Well, I discovered last night that he passed away on Thursday.
So K, even though your probably not reading this, my thoughts are with you and your family. If you need anything, anything at all, just ask. Big hugs.

That's all. I'm feeling down today, so I'll just leave it here and start writing now.

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