Being an author is like being in charge of your own personal insane asylum.

- Graycie Harmon

Friday, January 29, 2010


Well, as the title says, thank goodness it's Friday!

I woke up with both kitties curled up in my bed. That was lovely. I had missed them so when I slept. The bad news, Galahad moved when I started to stir... into my fresh laundry basket, covering my outfit for today in fur. My fault for not putting the clothes away, I know.

I nearly died of exposure on the way to work this morning. It's freezing out there!

Those of you following me on Twitter or my Facebook Fan Page (I still think it's really weird having a facebook fan page before I'm actually published... this marketing schtik is just odd) will know that after all my moaning and groaning this week I have, nevertheless, caught up on my word count. I had, while I was whinging, completely forgotten that I was 2 000 words up on my target when I fell ill last Friday. I only needed to write an extra 1 000 words to regain my target word count.

I got there yesterday - and before lunch, too! I will, hopefully, build another lead in case I fall ill and just really don't feel like writing again. I have another 3 000 words to write this morning, but I think I can manage that alright.

I'm quite excited about today, all things considered, as I get to go to the Ballet this evening. Luckily for me, one of my friends is up for experiencing new things (he discovered swing dancing this way and has never looked back) and so he managed to get really inexpensive tickets to go see the Ballet. There's a wonderful programme in Ottawa called Live Rush, which is designed to make it affordable for students to see arts productions. Of course, it all depends on availability, but it's well worth the uncertainty. The premier of the Boston Ballet company in Ottawa for $11.00? Yep, I can handle that!

Since I have no other news, not even any searches, I shall leave you with an end of the week giggle (this one is one of mine):

moar funny pictures

Have a great weekend!

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