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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Seduction, Intrigue and Adventure

Sounds like I'm plugging a book, doesn't it? Well, I'm not. This is home life at the moment.

The Seduction:
Persephone is in heat. Oh joy. Now I fully realise it's our fault for not taking her to get spayed sooner.... all the same, it's not a fun time at home. Persephone has, in the grasp of her heat, taken to seducing her own son. It's running like a Greek play! At first, Galahad was not all that interested, but a couple of days past five months, he's starting to pay attention. My poor flatmate is filled with horror stories about how she's had to run into the kitchen/living room/bathroom in order to separate them. Not happy at all, Persephone has taken to peeing on, well, everything.

The Intrigue:
To make matters even worse, none of the veterinary clinics will spade Persephone and neuter Galahad unless they've had all their shots. They do not adjust this policy for anyone or any circumstance. What the hell? Are they not aware that by refusing to take in cats that haven't had their shots, they are directly responsible for a large number of litters? Let's face it, if you find a stray, and you want to take it into the vet to have it spayed/neutered, and they refuse, then stray cat is going to be having kittens left right and centre. Guaranteed they'll be the first to complain about all the strays running around that no one cares for. Idiots!

Now, I'm hugely against unnecessary vaccinations, for people or for cats. For house cats that never go outside, shots are entirely unnecessary. The fact that vets require it is just stupid. There is one clinic specifically for spaying and neutering that does not require it, but they are so backlogged, we'd have to wait until April to have Persephone's tubes tied. No. Freaking. Way.

In order to get the shots required with these vets, they insisted that the cats get the first, then a month later the second, then a month later.... and so on. Right, 'cause the urgency of the situation was not made clear to them (though again, I fully take the blame for not booking a spaying appointment sooner). It's a money making schtick, that's all it is.

In any case, we are having both kitties vaccinated. Today, in fact. Jasmine was supremely lucky in finding a vet from Renfrew... Dunlop... Damn I've forgotten the name of it... county. He has a house call to attend in our neighbourhood this morning, and he very kindly agreed to check in on our kitties afterwards. He's wonderfully inexpensive compared to every single vet we've ever asked, and, blessed be, he will give all of the shots in one go. Then we can take that stupid bit of paper into the vet, and have Persephone spayed and Galahad neutered. Soon.

(In case you were wondering what we do if we're both not home to keep an eye on the cats, Persephone has found a new home in the bathroom, replete with food, water, her own litter, and a very tightly shut door! Hopefully that won't last very long, though she does seem to be quite comfortable, and even goes in there to sleep all of her own accord.)

And now for the adventure:
I have decided to, at the invitation of my dear friend T.H., partake in this year's Ottawa City Chase. It's a "follow the clues to the finish line" kind of race all through the city of Ottawa. You can read about it here. We're doing it to raise money for Right to Play, a charitable organisation that makes it possible for children to be children - to play sport and have fun - in some of the most disadvantaged places in the world. We're yet to name our team (or register), but will do soon. If you want to get involved, you can donate online... once we've registered and have everything set up. Keep an eye out for the link, coming to you soon!

Right, that's it from me. Have a great day!

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