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- Graycie Harmon

Friday, February 5, 2010


Maps make me incredibly happy. As my Facebook pal, Chuck, said, there are so many stories in maps.

Yesterday afternoon, the landscape of my current project The Seraphimé Saga suddenly popped into my head. I had just made it past the target word count for the day (losing my 2 000 word lead... oh well), and I needed to get these maps on paper. So, I abandoned my writing and sketched out a map which included all the territories of the various tribes of the Greyls, the Clans of the Sierrans and the Yellow City of the Ottlans. That will make more sense to you if you read it.

Then I found this pretty awesome free download called AutoREALM. I forgot to copy the like, but if you google autoREALM, you'll find it. In any case, it's a programme that lets you build maps, just like the ones you see in published fantasy books.

So, today, I am going to finish mapping my world, and to hell with my word count. I'm still technically working on my book... and maps are just cool! Since I've already finished the general one and two of the more detailed ones (the Sierran Tundra and to Ottalan Desert), it shouldn't take me too long to do the Greyl Kingdoms and the Touan Federation.

Right, I'm off to pretend I'm a Baveii cartographer (obscure Seraphimé reference that no one will know except me... sorry about that). Have a lovely day.

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