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- Graycie Harmon

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thank Heavens That Day is Over!

The only good thing about Valentine's Day is that chocolate goes on sale immediately afterwards!

Today is, apparently, Singles Appreciation Day. Seriously? Why does someone's marital status have to be mentioned at all, on any day? It's no more pertinent to their worth as a human being as is the size of their left foot. I mean really, why do we care so much about whether other people, or ourselves, are single, taken or "it's complicated"? It doesn't matter one iota!

Days like Valentine's Days create a backlash by those who are single and think that there's nothing special about being in a relationship, or, rather, that being in a relationship shouldn't be held in higher esteem than any other kind of arrangement.

Thus, days like Singles Appreciation Day are born... and it's just as lame as Valentine's Day ever was.

That's my rant for the day.

I've been getting really, really, really bored not doing any writing these past couple of days. I think I'll go through and format Hunter today, and I'll likely start writing Overlord tomorrow. We'll see.

Maybe I'll just get lazy and do nothing whatsoever.

Trying to make this as short as possible, here today's Forgotten English.

Up To The Hub:

A proverbial expression in America signifying "to the utmost." The allusion is to a vehicle sunk in the mud to the hub, which is as far as it can go.
- Henry Reddall's Fact, Fancy and Fable, 1889

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