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- Graycie Harmon

Friday, February 4, 2011

It Been... A Week...

Thank goodness it's Friday has never applied more than this Friday. It's been, well, a week; a stressful, stressful week.

Emotions were running pretty high in the middle of the week, when category 5 tropical cyclone Yasi hit the coast of North Queensland. I feared for my family there for a long, stressful afternoon until I got word that they were all alright. My sister's house withstood the 280+ km/h wind fairly well. No word yet on my mother's house. She was a little north of my sister, and north was hit harder. Also, the house was right on the beach. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything is alright and Mum's house is still right on the beach.

With training every evening of the week except Fridays, I had plenty of opportunity to work through my stress. The side-effect is, however, absolute exhaustion. 12 hours of hard exercise in 4 days takes its toll sometimes. I always feel brilliant right after, though, so I'm not really complaining.

Speaking of Kung Fu, our Lion Dance troupe has a performance tomorrow at the T & T in Ottawa for Chinese New Year. I blogged about how I was booted out of the lion 'cause I was a girl tail, and the lion had a boy head. I'm not ticked about it, though I did make a feminist fuss. However, I'm nervous about the performance. It's a big deal for us - a high-profile gig - and I'm really hoping we don't muck it up.


Sunday, thankfully, I have nothing planned save sleep; blissful, blissful sleep.

As I was keeping track of the cyclone and waiting for news from the family, I didn't do any writing at all Wednesday. I did manage 3 000 words yesterday, and that puts me past the 90 000 word mark as of this morning. I'm hoping for another 3 000 words today, but I'm feeling pretty drained, so I might just muck about on the computer instead.

We'll see.

Also, someone posted this on their facebook wall yesterday. I loved it so much that I had to share. Prepare to enjoy!

And today's Forgotten English word is:


One who treats of heroes; from hero, and Greek logos, a description.
- Rev. John Boag's Imperial Lexicon of the English Language, 1850

One who writes or discourses on heroes. [From] heroology, also herology, a history of, or treatise on, heroes. Heroolgical pertaining to the history of heroes; heroogony, generation of heroes.
- Sir James Murray's New English Dictionary, 1901

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