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Monday, November 9, 2009

Goodbye Calli-Rose

Another sad day yesterday. We said goodbye to Calli-Rose, another one of our beloved kittens. Calli is a very pretty looking kitten. I'm not saying cute, I'm saying pretty. She has a beautiful little face. She was supposed to go at the end of a dinner party we were to throw.

My flatmate had bought this lovely 7lb organic, free range chicken to roast. She prepared it all and went of to Lucia (Swedish festival of lights) practice. I left the house around about the same time to buy fruit for the chocolate fondu we were going to have for dessert. I arrived home to find my flatmate's mum there. It turned out that Jazz had caught some sort of stomach bug and had been sent promptly to bed, feeling nauseas.

I highly suspected that it was because she hadn't eaten anything in roughly 24 hours and went out drinking the night before... Poor Jazz! I made her some peach ginger tea. Ginger is great for upset stomachs. Then I forced her to eat some buttered toast, just so she could have something to eat.

With nothing else to do, I roasted the chicken, and remained in the kitchen to baste it every half hour or so. To pass the time away, I watched Neverming the Buzzcocks. Again. The chicken turned out fabulous, I might add, as did the summer savoury and sage gravy I made.... And it was all delicious. A great pity there was no one to share it with (although Jazz did manage half a plate).

Here's hoping that Jazz feels better today! Have a great day everyone.

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