Being an author is like being in charge of your own personal insane asylum.

- Graycie Harmon

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

No Regrets

You know, there's a fair amount of stuff I've given up to do this writing gig.

I could've opted to be a government employee, with high pay and benefits and job security. It's what most people living in Ottawa do. My job, from anyone else's perspective (as my father tells me. Often.) is pretty crap. It's dull. It's not in my field. The pay is pretty low. There are no benefits.

From a writer's perspective, it's heaven! It covers the bills. I'm healthy and pretty much all my health care needs are met by O.H.I.P. (Ontario Health Insurance). The best part, it lets me write for almost eight hours a day.

Do I regret sacrificing a high paying job, sacrificing benefits, sacrificing employment stability just so I can write? Not a bit.

Writing is my passion. I hope to one day make it my profession. No, scratch that. I will one day make it my profession. Until then, I intend to work at it as often as I can.

Luckily, I have that opportunity.

Thank-you, Universe!

Right, chapter 4 needs printing and editing. I must get on with it. Have a good day!


Study based on the theory that man had sprung from trees.
- T. Lewis Davier' Supplementary English Glossary, 1881


Debbie Maxwell Allen said...

I think you made the right decision. You'll never find another job that pays you to write your own stuff! So happy for you. And you have the right perspective.


Pam Asberry said...

"No, scratch that, I WILL one day make it my profession." That's the spirit! The way I see it, it already IS our profession. We're just not making a living at it. Yet. You go, girl!

S.M. Carrière said...

Thanks, ladies!

I can tell I'm on the right path - I've met you along it. Thanks for being my cheering squad!