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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Under Water

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I used to live in Brisbane city. It is so strange to see pictures of 'home' at the moment. The C.B.D. (Central Business District - down town to most people) is under water. They're expecting worse to come.

Yesterday, Toowoomba, a town in Queensland, was hit by a flash flood so severe that it has been described as an inland tsunami.

Two-Thirds of Queensland has been declared a disaster zone. The current death toll is 20, and there are 67 missing people.

The majority of my Australian friends are in the disaster zone. My brother is in Brisbane. Last I heard, he is safe and dry, though flooded in.

My thoughts are with them at the moment. I hope they're all safe and sound.

Here in Canada, I feel so far away and, frankly, useless. So, I'll just continue with my writing and watch the news.

Today's Forgotten English word of the day ought to cheer up some after my particularly morose post today.

A name given to barnacles, from their supposed metamorphosis [into geese].
- Robert Nares' Glossary [of] the Works of English Authors, 1859

I watch Qi (an informative and hilarious quiz show on the BBC) as often as I can get away with, and this actually did come up. People thought barnacles were the eggs of migrating geese. Thank heavens for science. Who knows what rubbish we'd still be believing!

Right, must leave you now to write. Have a great a Wednesday, everyone.

Stay safe, QLD.

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