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- Graycie Harmon

Friday, January 14, 2011

Identity Crisis

Yesterday my friends and I were shocked by the news that our star signs had all changed. I went from being a Scorpio, to being a Libra in one night.

I was actually affronted.

A Libra? There's no way I'm a Libra! Not that there's anything wrong with being a Libra, mind you (my sister is a Libra and she's perfectly lovely, thank-you). It's just that, well, I wasn't one. I was a Scorpio.

Then I read THIS article.

I was seriously relieved. Western zodiac signs are fixed? Based on seasons rather than constellations? I'm still a Scorpio?

*Sigh of relief*

I didn't realise how much I had tied my identity to being a Scorpio. The fact that being a Libra was something of an identity crisis shone a light on a very important point:

I'm a twit. That's right. A right bloody pregnant goldfish.

I don't actually believe in the zodiac (especially as far as predicting what will happen to you on any given day). When I read my horoscope in the morning, it's generally to mock it. Yet, I felt I was so much a Scorpio personality, that panic set in when my Scorpio-ishness was almost taken away from me.

Yep, a twit.

Given my realisation, today's Forgotten English word is most appropriate!

Asinine quality, stupidity.
- Sir James Murray's New English Dictionary, 1988
- John Florio's Queen Anna's New World of Words, 1611

I'm quite sure why this is in the list of forgotten English words. I'm certain I've heard it used in conversation...

Regarding the relief appeal for Queensland, if you are a writer and have a piece of fun flash fiction, or if you are a reader who likes to read very short stories, or if you are a blogger, please read THIS.

Writing-wise, I'm giving myself the day off. I need to recharge a bit. So, I'm going to listen to music and read some today. Have a great Friday everyone!

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