Being an author is like being in charge of your own personal insane asylum.

- Graycie Harmon

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Weirdness Continues

I managed six hours of sleep last night, so things might be improving.

Or not.

Yesterday I got a call from my soon-to-be violin teacher. The class I was so looking forward to this Friday has been pushed back a week as she must leave town. I had just rescheduled an event to accommodate the music lesson.

This morning was weird. The cat went berserk at about six o'clock this morning. I ignored him until about quarter past seven. I gave myself fifteen extra minutes except that I was so tired from several nights of too little sleep, that I next awoke at three minutes to eight.

I rushed around like mad and managed to leave the house around five past eight. That's pretty good time - it leaves me with enough time to walk to work in any case.

The sun was shining. The day got noticeably warmer as I walked. On the way to work, I found a penny.

'Yes!' thought I. 'Finally, some good luck!'

Then I twisted my ankle. Publicly. Painfully. With ten blocks still to walk. Luckily, my ankles are pretty bendy. Although it twinged a bit, it didn't really affect my walking all that much. The effect of the lucky penny, perhaps?

It's still throbbing a bit, so we'll see how much it damage was really done when I try and walk home again. Movement is, as yet, unhindered.

I arrived to work to find that at 9:49pm last night, there had been a power outage. I had to reboot my computer, which means a very frustratingly slow computer day ... again.

Yup. Things are still weird.

I'm still stupidly far behind in my writing. I have a minimum of 4 000 words to make today if I have any hope catching up by the end of the week. I should probably get on with it, then.

Will the computer blow up, do you think?

Butcher's Plums

Meat. On saying to someone I was visiting, "Who lives next door?" I was answered, "The butcher. That's where we get our butcher's plums."
- Rev. F.M.T. Palgrave's Words and Phrases in Everyday Use by the Natives of Herron-le-Hole, Durham, Being Words Not Ordinarily Accepted, 1896.

Man... what a title!


Pam Asberry said...

Finally, the bad sleep cycle seems to have broken for me; although it was almost 2 before I finally fell asleep this morning, I slept soundly until 10. I feel like a new woman! I am sorry you twisted your ankle, but I am a firm believer in the power of found pennies, so hopefully you won't have any trouble getting home tonight. I'm sending positive thoughts your way!

S.M. Carrière said...

... a friend informed me that his dog had passed away last night this morning after I wrote this post.

I looked after that dog when he was away. It was a lovely dog.

I don't think things can get any worse!

Thanks for the positive thoughts... I really need them!

Debbie Maxwell Allen said...

I hope your ankle feels better!

I didn't sleep on Sunday night, so on Monday night I fell into such a deep sleep that I must not have realized my neck was in a funny position. I've been dealing with a seriously stiff neck since. Such a pain!


S.M. Carrière said...

Thanks, Debbie! As it turns out, my ankle appears to be perfectly fine.

I hope your neck gets better!