Being an author is like being in charge of your own personal insane asylum.

- Graycie Harmon

Friday, September 16, 2011


Good morning!

Is it a good morning because:

a) The first, most difficult week of training is over. It'll only get easier from here,
b) I slept really well last night,
c) Today is my first ever violin lesson,
d) My muscles have ceased to ache quite so much, or
e) All of the above.

If you answered e), you are correct. Reward yourself with a square of rich dark chocolate and a small glass of port. Trust me. It's a reward.

Oh, I do have to tell you, in training last night, we were supposed to do as many chin-ups as we could. I am so ashamed to say, I cannot do a single one. I am very tempted to put a bar up in my doorway and practice at home so I don't look like such a fool the next time around. Oh well, there's only one way to get to doing a chin-up... I'll look the fool a few classes longer, I suppose. Until I can do a chin-up again.

I used to be able to do them. What the hell happened?!

I didn't, sadly, make my daily 3 000 yesterday. I made 2 000 (still a good haul, when I think about it). So today will be spent writing that final 1 000, then goofing off. I'll still be on target, and Monday will see me hit my goal! Yay!

Of course, the book won't be finished. There's the prologue and epilogue to write, and then a cursory format and edit, before I tuck it away and celebrate by goofing off for the rest of the month.

Ahhh.... today is a good day!


One who studies human anatomy.
- Sir James Murray's New English Dictionary, 1888

One who cuts up or dissects a man; [from Greek] anthropos, man, and tomis or tomes, one who cuts.
- Edward Lloyd's Encyclopaedic Dictionary, 1895.

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