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Thursday, April 29, 2010

New York, Day Three

April 25, 2010

I had slept well the night of the 24th, much to the consternation of my Sifu, who wondered where it was I had gotten to that night. Apparently the group that had returned to the hotel with the bus all went out for ice-cream, which turned into going out for cheap beer instead. I'm not sorry I missed it. I was tired and I don't like beer.

*sounds of static*

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with this news flash:

Yesterday afternoon at approximately 1:08 pm, an agent had requested more material. Please remain calm and do not panic. Simply because an agent asks for more material does not mean they will offer up a contract. I repeat, remain calm. The requested material was sent and the matter will be resolved shortly.

*sounds of static*

Wake up was a little later in the morning, as the bus wasn't to leave until about 9:00 am. As I woke up at 6:30 am, this meant a nice period of approximately 40 minutes of lying in bed and daydreaming, before the rest of the gang in the room woke. It also ensured a nice leisurely breakfast before boarding the bus.

Our destination before heading home that morning was the Woodbury Outlet Mall, an outdoor mall with tonnes of stores to go shopping in. It was a cold, rainy morning with no signs of abating for the entire hour drive there.

Shopping really isn't my thing. The stuff I really liked was well and truly out of my budget (139.00 for a summer dress? Seriously?), and the rest of the stuff was either trashy or not in my size. I did manage to walk away with a nice pair of black trousers for $15.00 (regularly $89.00 - hah hah!), but became frustrated shortly thereafter and returned to the bus to sleep.

It was only an hour and a bit later before we were one our way back to Ottawa. The eight hour drive didn't seem like eight hours. I read a lot, watched Romeo Must Die, and slept. We arrived back at the Baseline Station Park and Ride, and headed immediately to the bus stop. No sooner did I arrive but then the 118 stopped. I jumped on and was home before 10:30.

It was a fabulous trip, but I was very glad to be back home with my kitties and in my own bed.

And that was my three day weekend in New York. Oh, before I go, here is a the promised photo of the cauldron that was the large drink size at the Burger King we stopped at on the way in (it's all shaky and blurry because I was dying of hunger and my hands wouldn't keep still):

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