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- Graycie Harmon

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Rejections

Well, I got home from training last night feeling so much better after having pounded the hell out of the heavy bag for a while. Thanks, P.M., by the by for holding it for me. Where was I? Oh, right... I got home feeling pretty chipper actually, and quickly checked my email before heading to bed.

Three more rejections.

One, apparently, doesn't represent Sci Fi or Fantasy any more. He must be pretty miffed, 'cause on the list I got, it says he does. He must get queried all the time!

The other two were actually very encouraging.

One agent noted that he really enjoyed reading the material, but it wasn't something the agency could represent. To this I can only say... pour qua?! But, I can't fight some guy over something he obviously knows more about than I. Thus I shall just cut my losses and say "thanks for reading it" and move on.

The other one said this exactly:

Unfortunately, we will have to pass on THE THIRD PRINCE. Your email is intriguing but we receive a large number of queries and can only read a comparatively small number of manuscripts. Often we must turn down a promising query. We wish you well in all of your writing endeavors and hope to hear from you again.

That was lovely, wasn't it? My query is intriguing and may be promising. They were lovely about it, and I'm pleased with that rejection. Well, as pleased about a rejection as one can be.

I will be published... I will be published... I will be published.....

I haven't read in a long while, so I'm going to pick up where I left off, relax a little, and read for pleasure today...

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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