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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Tree is Up! The Tree is Down! The Tree is Up!


Despite being rather melancholy yesterday, I'm in a spectacularly good mood this morning! I had an absolutely lovely time last night with good friends and family decorating the Christmas Tree at our flat. Having just finished her latest gig as a 3rd Assistant Director for the film 'The Boy She Met Online,' Jazz went into super-entertainer mode to get everything ready for the party.

We gathered first, a small party of four, to decorate the tree. Included in the group was my father, my flatmate, my Kung Fu brother and his girlfriend, and myself. Might I say, my flatmate picked a gorgeous tree. It's roughly 8 feet tall and wonderfully shaped. It's a Balsam Fir, so the flat smells incredible! An excellent choice Jazz! In any case, we had a great deal of fun throwing tinsel on and putting up the baubles.

Just as we were finishing the tree, our two other guests arrived, my lovely friend Tri and her boyfriend Jon. We talked and laughed and then decided that making a gingerbread house was the thing to do. So we did, each taking turns to decorate, or to act as the foreman, in some cases! Though we aren't professionals, the house looks great, in a sloppy kind of way. The tumble-down appearance of the house simply adds character!

As we were chatting and decorating and building, we sampled a number of drinks. There were copious amounts of wine (we only managed to finish one and a half of the five bottles of red, and one of the two bottles of white. A paltry effort, but the guests were driving, so had to be responsible). Jazz also created a wonderful hot buttered rum drink. Delicious! There was hot spiced apple cider, Cranberry carbonated fruit juice, egg nog, and, at the end of the night, a strange brew that was made from stout beer, wine and spices. I forget what it's called. If you know the name, do let me know. Apparently it's a traditional British Christmas hot beverage. It was quite good, though I'm generally not a fan of beer, stout or otherwise.

Then came the dinner. My wonderful flatmate cooked an absolutely gorgeous turkey, with potatoes, carrots and stove-top stuffing with cranberries. I did the gravy... which was all I could do, really, as I worked all day. The feast was magnificent!

I shall have pictures of the festivities up as soon as Jazz gets them off her camera.

Then, at 5:30 this morning, the tree decided to fall down. It smashed several of the baubles, included my beautiful, hand painted decoration that I had gotten as a gift one year. I'm sad about it, but not so much that I'm terribly upset. At first I thought the cats were to blame, but when I bolted upright in my bed, I noticed them sitting beside me, their curious eyes turned towards the source of the sound. It wasn't them (I'd have heard them running away and felt them jump on my bed if it had been).

I rushed into the living room and immediately restored the tree, a little skewed, and swept up the needles and smashed baubles. Noticing that the tree was a bit squint, as they say, I knelt down to turn it back. At precisely the point of restoration, the tree tipped once more... right on my head. I put it back up, whereupon it promptly fell down again. I put it back up, deliberately skewed this time, and swept up the mess a second time.

I managed to step on a shard of bauble while putting up the tree the last time, and cut my foot. I didn't realise I had done so until I noticed blood on the floor. I cleaned up what I could see. Finished steadying the tree, wrote a quick note to Jazz explaining what happened, cleaned my foot, whacked on a band-aid and collapsed into bed.

I had intended to do some of the dishes from last night this morning, but my struggle with the tree left me wearied and I didn't get up in time. So sorry Jazz!

This evening I'm on the hunt for replacement baubles, and perhaps some strong fishing line with which to secure the tree to the wall, let it decide to commit bauble-cide once more!

Well, that's it from me! Take care everyone!

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