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- Graycie Harmon

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Storm

Last night in Ottawa, there was a dumping of approximately 18cms of snow during the day and overnight. The whole world is blanketed in crisp, white, sparkling frost - shin deep in places. It's so beautiful. Yet all I can hear is my colleagues complaining bitterly about the snow.

"It's so hard to drive," complains the woman who has yet to put on snow tyres.
"I had to put on my heavy coat, it's cold out there!" whines the under-dressed man.
"The buses were slow," says the woman who lives not half an hour's walk from work.

My goodness people! What is wrong with your eyes? Do you not see the beauty that is laid right at your feet? It's stunning out there!

I love the snow. Every time it snows, it's as if the world is made anew. The air is cleaner, crisper. The trees are decorated effortlessly. The houses seem to settle into the earth and, for once, become it.

But they don't see that. They don't see the postcard perfect world after a snowfall. They don't see the gorgeous magenta sunrise that casts purple shadows all over the sparkling white world. They don't smell that wonderful, crisp scent that refreshes and invigorates.

When it snows, you get the best and the worst from people. Last night during the storm, our bus driver kept everyone in a good mood with bright smiles and jokes. He even serenaded us with Christmas carols sung in English and French. He was wonderful, and people in the bus, in return, were wonderful to each other. It was by far the best bus ride home from work I've ever had.

On the other hand, you get the people who rejoice in being the Scrooges of the world. "Bah humbug," they mutter as they trudge through the snowy footpaths with a frown that could make Santa himself weep. They shoulder check people as they pass by, making it clear that they have the right of way simply because they are them, and in a foul mood. They look at you as if you just cursed a blue note when you wish them a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. They are the people who are immune to the natural beauties of the world around them.

To those people, I can only shake my head sadly and sigh.

To the rest of you - enjoy the snow! Be kind to one another, for there is nothing more infectious than a smile and a kind word. And make sure you get involved in a friendly snow-fight with a random stranger. From experience, nothing makes the world better!

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